Shipping & Delivery

All orders will be processed and dispatched within one week. Orders will not be dispatched until payment in full has been received and KΞNTYΣ is satisfied with the integrity of the order. When we receive your order we'll send you a confirmation email of your purchase. This will contain an invoice number of the item/s and it's cost. We will also send you your tracking number once the item has been dispatched.

Track your order using our Order-tracking service and enter you tracking number from the Email we sent you. 

Estimated Delivery time (Depends on which country/state)
14-30 Days - Europe
12-20 Days - USA
15-30 Days - Asia 
25-50 Days - Africa
20-41 Days - Australia

We offer Free Worldwide Shipping but due to that every country has different customs laws your product may incur other charges whilst in transit. KΞNTYΣ is NOT responsible for these charges. We will do our best to send it to you the fastest and safest way we can.